Vectis – Heroic/Normal


This is another very straightforward fight.

The strategy of the fight revolves around passing a debuff around the raid evenly, killing a priority add repetitively, and soaking circles in the intermission.There are a few different ways to handle the active phase of the boss, so we’ll give you the technically optimal strategy, although it’s not entirely necessary.

This is a single-target fight with frequent two-target burst cleave. We recommend using Bloodlust on pull, because there is no enrage or increased damage done phase.


Before you pull the boss, separate the dps and healers into 3 equal groups. These groups will stay separated throughout the fight to prevent the dot debuffs from stacking up onto one person (explained more later). We recommend putting all of your melee into one group, while splitting your ranged and healers into two other groups. Also place three world markers around the boss for the groups to stay around: one directly behind the boss for the melee, and one on each side of the boss for the ranged/healers.

Active Phase

Tank the boss toward the middle of the room, and keep it faced away from the raid. He doesn’t have a frontal, but you do want the tanks to be standing separate from the rest of the raid. The tanks should taunt swap at 2 stacks of item, or when the stacks have fallen off of a tank.

The 3 groups should loosely stack near their assigned markers.

The boss will put out a dot debuff on three random players that jumps to the next closest person on expiration (item). The players who initially get the debuff should change groups so that there is only one debuff in each group. This helps to ensure that the debuffs never double up on one person.

The bouncing debuff also applies a stack of item to the target. This debuff is permanent and increases the healing requirement of the fight over time. If any player in the raid ends up having around 10 more stacks than everyone else, they should try to avoid getting the bouncing debuff for a while.

Another debuff will occasionally go out on a random player that pulses AOE damage to anyone within 5 yards for 5 seconds (item). Anyone within 5 yards of that player should move slightly away for those 5 seconds. The targeted player will also be stunned for that 5 seconds, and an add will spawn near them. This add needs to be picked up by a tank, brought to the boss, and nuked down quickly to prevent excess casts of item.

The boss also frequently casts a raid-wide burst that does more damage over the course of the fight (item). Make sure everyone is topped off before this hits, especially toward the end of the fight.

When the boss gets to full energy after about 90 seconds, it will become untargetable and begin the Intermission.


The boss turns into a red pool and moves to a random spot in the room (item). Everyone should avoid standing in this pool.

The 3 groups should spread out around the room: one ranged group going toward the back of the room, the melee staying toward the middle of the room, and the other ranged group toward the front of the room. This helps to keep the bouncing debuff from doubling up on one person, but it also ensures that the raid is covering the entire room for the soaking mechanic (explained below).

Several red circles will appear around the room (item). Every single one of these circles needs to be soaked by one player each. It is best to use defensives or immunities when soaking these. There are two sets of these bombs before the boss becomes active again.

Wakes of blood will also constantly shoot out from the big red pool and travel in a straight path very quickly (item). These just need to be avoided.

The boss is only in this intermission for about 30 seconds, after which it will become active again. Bring the boss back to the world markers and repeat the Active Phase.


Active Phase

Loosely stack with your group near your assigned marker

Kill the add that spawns occasionally. 

There is an occasional unavoidable stun that you don’t need to worry about. 


Don’t stand in the big red pool. Dodge blood projectiles from the pool. 

Stay near your group and soak a red circle if no one else is in it. 


There is really not much going on in this fight. Just kill the add quickly and soak all the circle during the intermission. 


Most of the tank damage in this fight is from the magic damage debuff. Spec into as much magic damage reduction as possible, and try to hold major defensives for later in the fight as the damage ramps up slowly. 

The off-tank needs to be ready to get aggro on the add as soon as it spawns. Keeping it in the center of the boss will help the melee cleave it down. 


In the boss phase, the only raid damage comes from the occasional raid nuke, as well as the dot on three players at a time. This damage ramps up over the course of the fight, so healing cooldowns become more important toward the end. In the intermission, the raid damage happens mostly to the individual players soaking the Plague Bombs. 

If an add lives long enough to get its cast off, the healing absorb on the raid needs to be burned through as soon as possible. 

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