Top 5 DPS in Uldir – Prediction

Zax’s Prediction for the Top 5 DPS in Uldir:

1. Affliction Warlock

2. Destruction Warlock

3. Shadow Priest

4. Balance Druid

5. Frost Mage

Honorable Mentions: Arms Warrior, Elemental Shaman, Assassination Rogue, Feral Druid


Uldir is absolutely full of opportunities for stacked cleave, and there are several opportunities for spread multi-dotting. Most specs have access to differing amounts of cleave damage, but only a few specs can do damage to spread targets simultaneously. Assuming all specs are tuned to be relatively equal in single-target, these two factors are going to play the largest role in determining which specs excel in overall damage. This top 5 is a prediction for damage across all of the bosses in Uldir. This list also doesn’t take utility, survivability, or mobility into account.

For reference, this is the general availability of cleaving and multi-dotting in Uldir:

Taloc – Has an extended intermission with stacked cleave. Favors burst cleave over dots.
MOTHERConsistent burst cleave if you’re assigned to pass through the barrier early.
Fetid Devourer – Two adds regularly spawn away from the boss that won’t be cleaved, but they are easily multi-dotted.
Zek’vozOccasional burst aoe in the first phase and consistent two-target cleave in the second phase.
Vectis – Opportunity for two-target cleave regularly. Favors burst damage over dots.
ZulConsistent two-target cleave, and burst aoe regularly.
Mythrax – Opportunity for burst aoe in phase two, along with multi-dotting the two spread adds.
G’huun – Entire first phase is multi-dot heaven, with sparse opportunities for two-target cleave. Occasional cleave/multi-dot in phase two, but not for melee.

There isn’t a single boss in Uldir that is entirely single-target. Multi-target damage is going to be even more important in Mythic as well, because adds will live longer. The profile of damage and mechanics of this raid tend to favor multi-dotting ranged, which is why they make up 4 of the top 5 spots on my list.

A little elaboration for each spec:

Top 5
Affliction Warlock – Two dots baseline, and able to talent into a third. item generates resources per target afflicted which can be pumped into a single target.
Destruction Warlock – Only one dot, but item is basically the only ability in the game that allows burst damage on two spread targets. item also generates resources per target.
Shadow Priest – Two dots, one of which triggers more item per target. If talented, item can be consistently proc’ed on adds throughout most of these fights as well.
Balance Druid – Two dots baseline, and able to talent into a third. item has such a huge radius that it can affect targets that are too far away for most other cleave/aoe abilities.
Frost Mage – No dots, but item is such a powerful and versatile talent that it makes Frost the king of two-target cleave. Add in item and item and it’s not even close.

Honorable Mentions
Arms Warrior item is incredibly powerful in two-target cleave, but it has a cooldown and requires strict positioning which makes it less versatile. item is a ridiculously strong burst cleave/aoe option as well.
Elemental Shaman – One dot, but it has a 6 second cooldown. Multi-dotting generates more item procs, which is a big single-target boost and results in more maelstrom generation.
Assassination Rogue – Two dots, but of course they have to be applied in melee range. Multi-dotting spread targets is a bit more complicated as a melee, but will likely still be beneficial.
Feral Druid – Two dots, and able to talent into a third. Same strengths and limitations as Assassination.

Of course tuning will play a huge part in which specs actually excel in Uldir, and specs not mentioned in this list could end up being top contenders. I’ll make another post and video about whether my predictions were right or not.

Let us know what you think the best dps will be in the comments, or come hang out in our Discord and let us know there!

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