Taloc – Heroic/Normal


As usual for the first boss of a tier, this fight is very straightforward mechanically and strategically.

This fight revolves around dropping red pools from the random blood debuff (item) in an organized way, as well as having your tanks bait the cudgel smash (item) correctly. There are other mechanics in the fight that will be mentioned below, but these two have the greatest impact on the strategy.

This fight is mostly single target, with a little add cleave during the intermission. We recommend using Bloodlust on pull, because the first room is small and fills with red pools quickly. 


Phase One

Start the boss and the raid close to the west wall, and drop all red pools from the random blood debuff on the wall. Also dodge the random cone ability the boss does occasionally (item). 

The tank should take the cudgel smash to the east wall and keep the boss there after the smash (item). The raid needs to follow the boss after the smash happens, and drop all red pools on the east wall. 

The tank should take the next cudgel smash back to the west wall, using the smash to absorb as many red pools as possible. The raid should follow after the smash and drop red pools on the west wall again.

This process repeats until Taloc gets to 35% health and the Intermission begins.


Taloc walks to the middle of the room, takes 99% less damage, and creates a large red pool around him. This is when he starts the elevator descent, and two kinds of adds begin to spawn from him.

The raid should loosely stack near a clear edge of the elevator. One tank should keep each red add on the edge of the center red pool, while the other tank body blocks any gray adds away from the group. The red adds drop red pools frequently, while the gray adds explode when body blocked and knock back anyone in 5 yards (item).

Rotate around the platform when necessary, avoid stationary laser beams that are on the elevator walls (item), and be careful not to get knocked off the elevator. 

When the elevator gets to the bottom, Taloc clears all red pools, knocks everyone back, and begins Phase Two.

Phase Two

The same as Phase One, but the gray adds from the Intermission continue to spawn randomly around the room. The off-tank should run around body blocking these adds away from the raid.

This room is much bigger than the first, so it’s not necessary to absorb pools with the cudgel smash. This allows you to simply bait the smashes around the room in a big circle, keeping the boss near a wall and dropping any red pools on the wall. Repeat this until you win.


If you get a red debuff, run it to the closest wall and keep moving until it’s gone.

When the boss runs away, don’t follow him until after he does a big smash.

Kill red adds on the elevator. Avoid gray adds.


The blood debuff drops three pools over its duration. It’s worth using a minor defensive if you get this, as there is hardly any other raid damage. Some immunities may remove the debuff altogether.

The random cone from the boss splits into separate lines. It’s possible to dodge between the lines if you’re at range, rather than trying to sidestep the entire cone.


The only major damage you take is from the cudgel smash, if you’re the one targeted with it. This is the only time you should need a major defensive cooldown.

High mobility will be key for the tank body blocking the gray adds, so have your fastest tank handle that.

There is no tank-swap mechanic in the fight, so it is technically possible to do this fight with one tank. Not really worth the hassle though.


This fight is almost entirely just tank healing and spot healing the raid. The only regular damage is from the random blood debuffs, people standing in red pools, and people getting hit by the random cone. The only major raid damage comes from the cudgel smash, so you may want to assign healer cooldowns for each one just to guarantee everyone is topped off before it.

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