Stormwall Blockade – Heroic/Normal


O.k, Before The Pull:

  • Split your raid into two evenly distributed groups. One group will click the left bird to start on Sister Catherine and the other group will click the right bird to start on Brother Joseph.
  • Put a marker on one reliable ranged, and one reliable melee DPS. This is for stack points.
  • You’ll Bloodlust in Phase 2 when you get to Laminaria, after the first Seaswell or you can save it for when you have 3 adds up.


Phase 1

In phase one Start by tanking Brother Joseph and Sister Catherine in the middle of the boats.

When fighting Sister Catherine, stack towards the front of the boat and have people drop off the Cracking Lightning debuff to the back of the boat. She’ll also cast Voltaic Flash, which spawns blue lightning orbs in random spots. Your raid will need to quickly dodge the lightning which pulses then strikes that location. There are a few different patterns but they’ll usually flash to show you where they’re going, then strike that spot.

When fighting Brother Joseph, you’ll want the ranged to spread at the front and back of the boat leaving the sides clear for melee if possible. When you get the Sea Storm debuff you have what feels like less than a second to move the blue ring to the edge of the boat. Try and stack these as close as possible so it doesn’t clutter the boat. A Tempting Siren add will occasionally spawn. This add will cast the Tempting Song charm on a random raid member drawing the player towards the add until their knocked off the boat to their death. The player targeted needs to run AWAY from the add while the rest of the players on the boat quickly DPS the add down.

Both Sister Catherine and Brother Joseph will cast Tidal Shroud which is an absorb shield that needs to broken to interrupt the cast on the boss.

These two bosses seem pretty simple but you will need to make sure you’re DPSing them at the same rate. They need to hit 50% and 0% at the same time. If one dies before the other bad things happen so manage the bosses health effectively.

When they die, you’ll be able to click the orb to get to Laminaria. Which starts Phase 2.

Phase 2

After everyone is ported, you’ll have the melee stack on the left side, close to the boss while the range stacks on the left side away from the boss.

The reason you stack is to manage the Freezing Tidepool greenish stuff on the ground. When the boss finishes casting Sea Swell, the raid will get a bunch of swirlies on the ground. You’ll need to move quickly to avoid getting hit, then stack back up on the marked player as close to the previous greenish stuff as possible. The better you are at stacking, the easier it will be to manage the stuff on the ground.

Soon after starting Phase 2 one random player will get targeted with the Storm’s Wail debuff. This player will have 10 seconds to run over the greenish stuff on the ground and then get to the back of the platform BEFORE the debuff expires.

When the debuff expires it will spawn an Energized Storm add that quickly moves towards the boss. This add needs to be slowed and ranged DPS need to focus this down quickly. If the add starts getting close to the boss have your melee DPS switch to it to help finish it off. You don’t want the add to give the boss any extra energy.

To make it easier to kill the add, the tanks swap at 5+ stacks of Kelp-Wrapped Fists, run on top of the add, and get dispelled/drop the tank debuff onto the add. This will increase the damage the add takes.

When the add dies, it will spawn an Energized Remnant that’s just a lightning orb on the ground. This does small pulsing damage that ramps up if left too long. Have a speedy player (like a Tiger’s Dash Druid) pick it up to the Energized Remnant to get the Storms Wail debuff just like before. 10 seconds to clean up greenish stuff and get to the back of the platform.

Over time, more adds will spawn making it more difficult to control/kill them. You can either Bloodlust at the start of Phase 2 or when the third add spawns to clean them up.

** There’s also circle that spawns frequently on the ground called Ire of the Deep. This needs to be soaked by 2-3 players. If it goes unsoaked, the raid will tank massive damage. ** – missed this in the video.

That’s pretty much it. Kill the Phase 1 bosses at the same time and in Phase 2 don’t let the Energized Storm add get to the boss.

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