G’huun – Heroic/Normal


This fight is crazy.

Dealing with the item mechanic in this fight is incredibly complex. It requires meticulous raid organization before pulling the boss, and there is very little margin for error when actually interacting with it. Executing the strategy for this one mechanic is the most pivotal factor in defeating this boss.

We recommend using Bloodlust when the boss is hit by the item in the middle of Phase Two, because it takes double damage for several seconds.


Before you pull the boss, assign six teams of dps to run the item. There should be two dps in each team. Also assign your most mobile healer to go with the teams every time. The teams need to know what order they will be going in and which side they will be running the matrix on. The matrix alternates sides every time and it starts on the left side. The first matrix is available on pull, and every following matrix spawns 15 seconds after the previous one was deposited. 

The first dps should pick up the matrix from its spawn point, run as far up the platform as possible until being immobilized, and then throw the matrix up to 20 yards away where the next dps should catch it and start running further up the platform. The goal is to get the matrix to a clickable deposit station at the end of the platform. Also, holding the matrix puts a debuff on you after it’s deposited that prevents you from holding it again for 5 minutes (item). Damaging the immobile blobs on the platform to shrink their slowing zone

Phase One

The first matrix team should start their run immediately as the boss is pulled. The second team should follow up as soon as possible after that, and the same with the third team.

On pull, a tank should bring the big add toward the middle of the room where everyone is initially stacked. Melee dps should be attacking the big add while ranged dps attack and interrupt the small tentacle adds. Every 20 seconds, the big add casts a 10 yard debuff to everything around it (item). Players benefit from this cast and should stand in it, but never twice in a row. After the first cast, the tank should try to keep the big add on top of other tentacle adds. The big add also occasionally hits the tank with a huge damage smash that knocks them back (item).

Additional small tentacles will spawn every 25 seconds in a set pattern. A large tentacle add will occasionally spawn with them that needs to be tanked, interrupted, and killed quickly. A new big add will spawn eventually as well, but ideally the phase is nearly over by this point.

A green debuff will regularly go out on a random player that expires in 5 seconds (item). When this debuff expires it causes a 5 yard explosion, creates a small patch of corrupted ground, and releases 5 corruption orbs that move in separate directions and apply the same debuff to any targets hit. Any player who gets this debuff should get it out of the raid quickly, and everyone needs to dodge the orbs.

When the third item is deposited, it triggers a item that pulses raid-wide damage, stuns all enemies, and doubles enemy damage taken for 24 seconds. This kills all adds that are left, and it also begins Phase Two.

Phase Two

The adds stop spawning and the boss becomes active. Keep the boss toward the middle of the room and face him toward the hole he came from. The boss gains a stacking tank damage buff for every melee on the same target (item). The tanks should taunt swap at around 6-7 stacks. 

The fourth matrix team should start their run as soon as the matrix is available on the left side. The fifth team should follow up as soon as possible as well. However, the sixth team should aim to finish their run immediately after the second add spawns (which is covered below).

Everyone should spread around the boss at least 5 yards away from each other. This prevents extra damage and dot stacks from the shockwave that happens regularly (item). This wave applies a stack of item to anyone hit by it, which is permanent unless removed by the item add (explained more later).

The boss continues to apply item for the rest of the fight, and you deal with it the same way as Phase One.

Every time the boss reaches full energy, a random player is immobilized for 10 seconds and an add spawns at their location after that 10 seconds (item). When this add spawns, it consumes all item stacks from players within 8 yards and increases its health and damage by 5% per stack absorbed (item). This add needs to be picked up by a tank and nuked down by ranged dps. It also casts a raid-wide interrupt about every 15 seconds (item).

There are several different ways to handle the spawning of the Blood Feast add. We recommend only consuming the sixth Power Matrix team’s debuff stacks with the first add and then consuming all of the raid’s debuff stacks with the second add. So only 3-4 people stack on the first Blood Feast target, but everyone else in the raid stacks on the second target. This allows you to deal with one weaker add first, and then line up the second item for just after the second Blood Feast starts. This effectively lets you clear the debuff stacks of your raid for free if executed correctly.

We recommend using Bloodlust just before this blast. If your group doesn’t have enough dps to instantly get him to phase, we recommend waiting for another Blood Feast to clear the whole raid’s stacks again. The goal is to go into Phase Three with no stacks of Putrid Blood, because there is no way to clear them after the phase has started.

Phase Three

At 20% health remaining, the boss destroys the Reorigination Drive, which triggers debris to fall from the ceiling (item). Everyone should stay far away from where the debris lands to take reduced damage. This only happens for a few seconds at the beginning of the phase.

The Blood Feast add no longer spawns, but Explosive Corruption continues to go out on random players.

This phase has a very specific pattern of abilities:
1. The boss will spawn red blobs in a giant cross shape on the ground that explode after a few seconds (item). Then a second set of red blobs will spawn afterward in the blank spaces of the first set. Everyone needs to get safe from the first set, and then move back to where those exploded to get safe from the second set.
2. Right after the second set explodes, the boss will cast a raid-wide fear that can be avoided by turning your back to it (item). As soon as this fear goes out, the boss will also cast a Wave of Corruption. So everyone needs to spread out while they are turning their back to the boss.
3. Repeats


If you are assigned to a Power Matrix team, you should know when to go, what side to go to, and if you’re picking it up or depositing it. Save your movement abilities for running this. 

If you get a green debuff, run it out of the raid quickly until it expires. 

Dodge the moving orbs at all costs. 

Phase One

Soak the purple circle from the big add, but never twice in a row. 

Kill and interrupt all adds. 

Phase Two

Stay spread at least 5 yards from everyone. 

Stack in the assigned red circle. Ranged kill the occasional add while melee tunnel the boss. 

Phase Three

Stay spread 5 yards. Avoid red blobs at all costs. 

Turn away from boss when it casts it’s Gaze. 


Demonic Gateway from warlocks is incredibly useful for running the Power Matrix. If you have two warlocks, put one on each side before pulling the boss.

The moving orbs from Explosive Corruption can create a really bad chain reaction, so everyone should focus on dodging these at all times.


Be careful not to soak the purple circle from the big add twice in a row in Phase One. Also, be ready to use a big defensive for the Massive Smash the big add does. Ideally this big add is tanked on top of other adds to help with cleave. 

The boss just does melee swings to the tanks, but each swing does magic damage as well. The magic damage increases by 15% for each swing. Don’t taunt swap at less than 8 stacks or you risk making the boss taunt immune. 


Spot healing is best in the first phase, but blanket raid healing and tank healing take over afterwards. 

Healing cooldowns should be assigned for add spawns in Phase Two. Also, be sure to stop casting as the add does its raid-wide interrupt. 

All of the WeakAuras that we are suggesting have been tested and work as of 9/13/2018. These are what we use to help us kill this boss. 

Explosive Corruption WeakAura: https://wago.io/rJ-a6RpPQ

Stop Casting WeakAura: https://wago.io/SkD1VY4uQ

General Uldir WeakAura: https://wago.io/bfaraid1

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