Fetid Devourer – Heroic/Normal


This is probably the most straightforward fight in the raid.

The main strategy required is deciding how to split your dps on the two adds that spawn periodically. The rest of the mechanics are dealt with by basic positioning.

This fight is almost entirely single target, although there are occasionally two separate adds that can be multi-dotted. We recommend using Bloodlust once the boss reaches 50% health, because it starts taking and dealing more damage at that point (item).


Always keep the boss directly beside one of the pillars, and keep it facing the pillar on the opposite side of the room. This allows melee dps to maintain uptime even during the knockback (item). This also lets the tanks get knocked into the nearby opposite pillar. When the tanks get knocked away, they should just put the boss back on the nearest pillar and face it away again. 

Ranged players should just stand with their back on any wall within range of the boss. Also, no one should stand in the alcoves as the adds are spawning, because the waste pouring down applies a heavy dot to any player in it (item).

On every 4th melee hit, the boss will hit the next closest target to the tank for 300% of a melee swing as well (item). This means the tanks need to be stacked together at all times, or else some member of your raid will likely get one-shot.

When the two adds occasionally spawn, have your melee kill one add while your ranged kill the other. The adds can spawn in any of the six alcoves. Melee should kill the closest add to the boss, with ranged killing the other. If the adds are an equal distance away, melee should kill the add furthest to the back of the room. This priority helps to avoid confusion with certain spawn patterns. 

If your group doesn’t have enough dps to kill both adds, you should just kill the one close to the boss and let the other one be eaten. This heals the boss, but it’s better than wasting damage on an add that wouldn’t have died. 

The other mechanics in the fight involve simply dodging the random cone breath when the boss reaches 100 energy (item) and healing through the random dot debuff (item -> item).


Don’t stand on the tanks. 

Use nearby walls to your advantage for the knockback stomp

Kill one of the adds when they spawn. 

Dodge the big breath cone. 


The boss’s knockback stomp sends everyone REALLY far away, so using walls and knockback cancelling abilities effectively plays a huge part in this fight. 

Never run over the tanks. This drastically improves the odds of getting one-shot by the boss. 


The tank with the boss will be taking consistent damage, while the off-tank will be taking huge spikes of damage. Keep this in mind when choosing who will have the boss. 

Ideally, the tank with the boss has a knockback cancelling ability that can be used on every stomp. This drastically helps to keep the boss in one spot. 


Most of this fight’s damage is done to the tanks. The only consistent raid damage that goes out is from the random dot debuff that will only be on a few players at a time. Other than that, you’ll just need to make sure people are healthy enough for the occasional knockback stomps. 

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